Practice completing Ability tests today

More and more Ability tests are being used as part of the selection process. This is particularly true for graduate positions where there is little or no previous work history to be considered by the employer.

Practicing in advance should help to reduce any anxiety that you may experience and enable you to perform at your best in the real situation. Practice is unlikely to produce a very different resul,t although basic Numeracy does benefit from practice, certainly in terms of speed. Language Ability will benefit from crosswords and reading of all kinds.

We are giving you the opportunity to experience the type of questions commonly used. Each sample comprises 10 questions and once you have completed it a report indicating your performance will be emailed to the address that you provide.

When applying for a job you are very likely to be asked to complete an ability test. You may get experience of completing such tests at no cost on this site.

Please feel free to complete the samples more than once, you will see different questions each time.

Language Ability

High levels of language ability are an essential attribute of people in roles that require effective communication, such as in management, marketing, sales and training. Other occupations, for example those involving scientific work, may place less emphasis on this skill. At the high scoring level the questions involve verbal critical reasoning.

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Numeric Ability

Numeracy skills are subject to rapid decline through lack of use after leaving school, so the ability to assess speed, accuracy and general ability with figures can be invaluable, particularly when reviewing suitability for technical, managerial and supervisory positions. At the simple level, questions are arithmetic and at the high scoring level involve numerical critical reasoning.

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