Management Potential

The management potential questionnaire is designed to evaluate your potential and readiness to enter your first management role and to choose the kind of organisation to which your preferred management style will be best suited.

The questionnaire contains 64 multiple choice questions and will take around 10 minutes to complete.

The report is highly personalised and is based solely on your responses, which are compared with our large database of successful managers.

The report is a great way to take stock of your current job situation, and to plan the next step in your career. It should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete, and within two working days we'll email you an eight-page report, detailing:

The report which costs £14.95 contains the following sections:

  • Your management and leadership style; are they suited to managing others?
  • What kind of organisation and what kind of job role/management career will suit you best?
  • Future career directions which will match and enhance your experience.

Click here to view a Sample Report

To complete the questionnaire and then purchase the report please click on the 'Complete Questionnaire' button.
Completion will take around 10 minutes. The questionnaire must be completed at one time. You cannot stop and resume later.
Once you have completed the questionnaire you will be asked to complete your purchase using PayPal.
Your report will then be emailed to you. If you do not receive your report within 24 hours please contact us.
The information and responses you provide are treated as private and confidential and will be used solely for the purposes of generating your personal report.

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